Favorite Subject 3.0

1. English

English just started to become more fun. Because now, our class teacher is Mr. Charles who is our English teacher too, we HAVE TO speak English everyday in our class. This is helping and making us complicated at the same time. The good part of this, is that we are trained everyday to speak English so it would make us more confident to speak English in front of anyone. When we are in grade 7 and grade 8 we always study the tenses and other grammatical things. But now, in grade 9 we only do some preparation for the national exam.

2. History

I don’t know why, but this subject is getting more interesting each day. Because, for term 3 we are studying about the rebel in Indonesia which happens around 1960. And Mr. Jhonni has make a better plan for this study. We are doing presentation about what we have study about a rebel in Indonesia. This method is somehow not very confusing. It just that we have to write what we listen. Because the one who present won’t write anything on the board


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