Another Subject Loved Based On Progress

Hello everyone 😀 It’s been a long time since i wrote on this blog =)) Now, I’m going to tell you 2 subject that i loved in Term 2.

1. Mathematics

I’ve never thought that I could recognize this subject in my favorite list. But, since a few months ago, math in our class have changed. Mr. Jared, our Math teacher have put some new method of teaching us (Which is better than before). It just that although the subject has started to become more fun, it’s still giving us a lot of work.

This Year, our math start on Matrices. In my opinion, this subject is easier to study than the subject after this. Which is geometry. I don’t know why, but some Indonesian school started to learn this part on the 10th grade as known as Senior High school 1st Grade. So, about this geometry we know that we have to use calculator.


2. Arabic Malay

Arabic Malay is a subject that come from our region, Riau. This subject thought us some story about Riau, Indonesia, or Famous Person. It’s written in Arabic letter but we read it in Indonesia and we use the grammar of Malay. This subject is not that hard if you understand how to read Arabic letter. Ms. Yana is our teacher. It’s quite complicated when you write a real Arabic word in Arabic Malay . Because, the grammar of the writing is very different. The easier way to do the Arabic part is by memorizing and our own thinking, if it’s not Indonesian words, then it’s Arabic word.

We started to study Arabic Malay when we sat at the 3rd Grade of our school. When you study this, you’ll find some difficulty in combining letter. You should know how to merge one letter and the other one with a special letter. You can write some English word with Arabic Malay letter to. Just make sure that you don’t force yourself at this. If you don’t know, you should ask your teacher.


Thank you 😀


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