2 Subject 2 Favorite

  1. ICT (Information, Communication and Technology)

    Well, if you’re confused why did i choose this subject? Because, nowadays people always use a ICT to make Homework, to search information from the internet. And ICT also thought us about parts of computer, the software, how to use it, how to browse the internet properly, and also help us to know how to use our computer properly. Without ICT, maybe until today you don’t even know what is cellphone, what is computer, what is software, what is hardware, etc.

    In our ICT class we’re studying Parts of Computer. Maybe, if i didn’t learn ICT, I wouldn’t know what is a PDA, what is a laptop, what is a computer, etc. ICT a.k.a Computer Studies changed our difficult life easier. Mr. Dick our ICT teacher is one of the helpful teacher in my school. He helped us when we have problem with our computer. He also motivated us when we have a ICT competition such as the Blog Competition and others.


  2. Physical Education (Sport Studies/PE)

    This subject is on of the most famous subject in my class (Maybe in our school also). Well, i choose this subject because it helps me to achieve my goal which is becoming thin and fit. In this subject we played a lot of sports, such as Football(My Favorite),Basketball,Baseball, and also volly. Many plump people says that sport is not fun. Well, i’m very very different from them. I choose more sports so that i can be thin and handsome also.

    Our “NEW!” PE teacher is Mr. Gugun the other is Mr. Fabien. But, Mr. Fabien got to many works to do at school. So, he let , Mr. Gugun become the PE teacher. Mr. Gugun is a nice PE teacher and even sometime he ask “What sports do you want to play?” Some of the boys answer football. But, the girls chose to play basketball. So, we play basketball.


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