Hard To Take Care Of It

Hello readers 😀

During semester  1 of grade 8, our class made a dish garden. Ms. May our teacher helped us to make our dish garden, she helped us to find the plants and some good soils. Actually dish garden is a mini garden with themes. We used a plate or bowl to make this one. The step was quite easy. But how to keep it alive is hard. So, the step is easy its here ->  “How to make a dish garden.”

It’s fun when you are planting the plant because you know how to plant the plant and because of that we have an experience of planting plants.  And what’s a good plant looks like.

Keeping the plants on the dish garden alive is the hardest part. We have to water the dish garden. It’s hard to keep water it especially when you’re not near the dish garden.

My dish garden had an accident on Friday. Because it fall down from my cubbie. Before that accident one of my plant already died. So I planned to change it.

I think that I can’t keep plants alive for a long time. Maybe I only can take care of it for a short time

This is my dish garden when it still alive


But, now they’re all gone 😥


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