The Singing night of “You”

Hi!! This is my 5th posts. So, enjoy reading…

This night is the night of our concert. Here We played instruments and we sing together. This night We do a lot about MUSIC! First we brief at our music room. Then, We had to prepare our musical instruments for Orchestra Club and Guitar Club. Then we waited until it’s our turn to perform the Guitar Club. We played 2 songs for begginers and 2 songs for advances. After we finished our perform by Guitar Club. We sang “YOU” by the carpenters. It was nice and i though that my voice was big enough.. And the last but not the least.. Orchestra and Guitar club performing Ballade Pour adeline, TOGETHER! The song was success but i thought i play it correctly.. I mean i got a little wrong when i play.. And the dance class join us to dance with the song.. The song was leaded by Mr.Joseph. By the way this is my first concert so I really excited about this performance. I though that day was the best night of my life. And here’s my photo when I’ve finished performing..Image

Thank  you for reading my Reflection  🙂 😀


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