Edutrip From Pekanbaru – Batam – Singapore

Hi This is my 4th Posts…

And This time I’m going to tell you about my Educational trip with my friends. There’s about 32 or 31 Students and 6 teachers gone there too. The trip was from Pekanbaru – Batam –Singapore. Held after The activities week, 4 days 3 night from 17 May until 20 May 2012. This is the things that we did when we were in our educational trip.

– Departed from Pekanbaru to batam.

– After arrived in batam we just went to the Barelang bridge.

– After that we go to Costarina beach.

– Then have a dinner and checked in to the hotel called Sarijaya Hotel

– Briefing and taken a rest.

– And so on


The day we go home was so happy. Even I couldn’t slept in the plane and at the ship. In SingaporeI felt in love with somebody that I used to know (It shouldn’t be told to the readers). I think that’s all about it. If you want more you can contact me in twitter @AgamPradana25 or my e-mail:

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