Activities week (14 May – 17 May 2012)

Hi again!! This is my 3rd post I think…

This time I’m about to tell you about My Activities week.. In our activities week we have five performance.. But for us the Junior High School or the 7th grader only get 4 activities. It was the Science Day, Library day, and International day from the morning performance.. For the night performance it’s A night of Music and dances.. Held from 14th May – 16th May 2012

1. Science Day..

In this day.. The 7th grader asked to make a interactive projects and the 8th grader asked to perform their terrarium. This was held on May 14, 2012

2. Library Day

Hmm … This day we don’t have much activities.. this was held on May 15, 2012 Morning.. This day we were asked to use Costume by our teacher … But the 7th grader only ombun was using costume.

3.  A Night of Music and Dances

This night was the most beautiful night of my life. This night we Sung we Played instruments we almost do everything. But we didn’t dance.. This was held on

4. International Day

The last day of our activities was held on May 16, 2012. It’s the International day. Here we perform our extra languages class. Almost all sing. This day Me, Ombun, Albert,Regina, Wukiresy, Ananthalia and Dethasya dance our malay dance.


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