My Reflection on making EggFlan in Science

Hi  People of all countries this is my 2nd post of my School Weblog


So, This time I’m going to tell you about mixtures in making an Egg Flan…

You want to know the Ingredients and step by step ,right?

This is the ingredients:

1.10 Egg White

2.1 tablespoon of Sugar

3.1 can of Condensed milk

4.1 Fresh milk

5. Baking pan


And this is the step by step:

1. First we make caramel from sugar.

2. We cool it down

3. We put the mixtures of 10 Egg White, 1 tablespoon of Sugar, 1 can of Condensed milk       and 1 Fresh Milk to the baking pan

4. Then we steam the mixtures in 30 Minutes. If it’s not yet cooked very well/wet you need to steam again about 15 or 10 Minutes more

5. Enjoy the Food

Taken by ClassMates Photo by Ms.May



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